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“To capture in every painting the sound of the silence is to represent the inner voice of my thoughts. To release them, is the most satisfactory and pure way to express art, being true to ourselves” Juan Asnares.
Juan was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and He is coming to Obba to make art right before our eyes.
Join us this Friday beginning at 7pm, for a fun night of Hiro Sake tasting and Live ART.

Looking for a place to celebrate your office parties?
Or would you rather Obba Sushi come to you?
We can accommodate.Whether you or your loved ones are celebrating in large numbers or a small group, let Obba Sushi & More be your restaurant.
Obba Sushi and More offers innovative sushi platters for delivery and events. Open 7 days a week for reservations and special events. 


Japanese restaurant “find” in Brickell

October 4, 2012

Looking for a Japanese restaurant in Brickell? While there are plenty of sushi restaurants in the area –including many chains like Sushi Maki, Sushi Siam and Sushi Sake, Obba is a real “find”. Thanks to a recent expansion, the “new” Obba gets it all together – delicious food,  appealing menu selection, casual and pleasant setting that works for a lunch or dinner with friends or business lunch, and good value for one of the pricier areas in town. You won’t just happen to pass by Obba Sushi. In the ground floor of an apartment building at the corner of 15th Road (200 East) a block off of Brickell Avenue, with no sign outside, you have to know you want to go there. The menu is extensive, with an especially good selection of riceless rolls, tartars (9) and salads (11) besides what you’d expect.

The standouts included kimchee tuna tartar — a vertical presentation of chunks of tuna, avocado, asparagus, caviar and kimchee ponzu sauce garnished with tempura flakes. The tartar had just the right amount of bite and the tuna was very fresh. With the revamped restaurant came other new menu items including an unusual obba leaf salad – a delicate,fried shiso leaf on top of which was salmon tartar, avocado, scallions and a few ribbons of ceviche sauce. Magical. We had to try a roll, so we chose thiago roll, also a new item, with a choice of steamed or fried shrimp, avocado, imitation crab, scallions,and cilantro rolled in rice paper with orange peanut sauce, another winner.
Never being able to pass up donuts, we finished up the meal with an order of Thai donuts and green ice cream. Five dishes (we shared) came to about $25 per person plus tax and gratuities. There’s also a large selection of lunch specials ranging from 16 pieces of california roll for $7.99 to 12 pieces of sashimi for $16.99 with includes miso soup or salad. Hot entrees for lunch or dinner are equally reasonable. Judging by the good size crowd despite the fact that the size of the restaurant more than doubled and it only recently reopened, a lot of people must agree that this is a neighborhood “find.” And by the way, they also deliver.

Source: www.miamicurated.com

Are you ready for some good news ?

YES, we are finally done with all inspections, passed every single one of them and we are excited to announce we will re-OPEN Tuesday, September 11, at 11 am for delivery and dine-in.

Go ahead,go crazy and tell everyone you know.

See you soon at Obba Sushi & More!!

Thank you for your support and patience during our renovations.

OBBA Sushi and More, una idea atrevida y   deliciosa

Tufic Akil solía comer sushial menos tres veces por semana en el restaurante en el que Walter Zapata era chef y un día le dijo, medio en broma y con su acento argentino: “Si algún día querés abrir un restorán, me avisás”. Zapata se lo tomó en serio.Así nació OBBA Sushi and More, un pequeño sushi bar en la zona de Brickell que está desafiando los pronósticos de sus dueños y de los habitantes de la zona. Localizado en una tienda en la planta baja del edificio Brickell Harbour, OBBA abrió durante lo peor de la crisis económica, en un lugar en el que tradicionalmente nada funcionaba.”Cuando Walter me llamó y me dijo lo del local (tienda) le dije: ‘estás loco. Ahí no funciona nada”,  dijo Akil, quien es empresario. “Pero como la idea era hacer delivery y los lugares anteriores todos dependían del negocio que trajera el edificio, decidimos probar”.

En el año y medio que lleva funcionando, OBBA ha triplicado las expectativas de Akil y Zapata, cuyo objetivo era conseguir que los ingresos superaran en 30 por ciento a los gastos. Quizás el golpe genial de OBBA fueron los dos simpáticos autos Smart que pintaron con el logo del restaurant y pusieron a circular por la zona para repartir sushi en apartamentos y oficinas.

“La gente empezó a venir por los autitos. Nos sorprendió”, dice Zapata.

Obba no tiene más de ocho mesas. La variedad está en el menú, creación de Zapata, quien confiesa que le encanta la cocina. Ha inventado más de 20 salsas, con las que intenta darle un sabor más personal y latino a su sushi. También ha creado platos exclusivos. Los más vendidos son los OBBA Chips –chips de alga orgánica fritos con pescado crudo, aguacate y salsa de tomate y pesto– y el Spicy Tuna Tartar — una torre de arroz, atún crudo, aguacate, chalotes fritos y salsa ponzu.

“Hace poco expandimos el menú para agregar platos más picantes, a pedido de nuestra clientela mexicana”, dijo Zapata. En ese contexto se inscriben el Chipotle roll, “que es para llorar”, según Zapata, y el ceviche.

La decoración de los platos es otra grata sorpresa. Zapata presenta la comida sobre hojas alargadas y de un verde intenso y la pinta con salsas rojas, amarillas o naranjas. Los tartars y algunas ensaladas vienen en torrecitas.

El menú de sushi también es muy original. Entre los rolls menos comunes están el Macadamia Eel Roll –un roll frito con anguila, imitación cangrejo, queso crema y nueces– y el Jalapeño Popper –tempura de camarones, jalapeño y queso crema, todo cubierto con mayonesa con chile y queso parmesano. OBBA también tiene, para aquellos que cuidan la silueta, una selección de rolls sin arroz, la mayoría de ellos nombrados en honor a las hijas de Akil –Nati-Su y Mia Harumaki por Natassia y Mía– y los hijos de Walter –Tom-Su y Max-Su por Tomás y Máximo.

“Ahora voy a tener que crear otro más”, dice Walter. “Mi esposa espera el tercero”.

OBBA Sushi 200 SE 15th Rd. Miami, FL 33129 (305) 856 9016

August 16, 2010

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OBBA Sushi and More, una idea atrevida y deliciosa

ALEJANDRA LABANCA Especial para El Nuevo Herald

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Sushi spot a real find in Brickell   MADELEINE   MARR

Let us save you some trouble. Obba Sushiis tucked inside the lobby of the Brickell Harbour Condo. Not that the menu, which was dropped off at my office, tells you that. If it had, it probably would have saved 30 minutes of my life.I’ll spare you the details, but safe to say, I was hoping when I finally got there that the food would be worth the trouble of getting lost. And I’m happy to say it was.The name of the place is misleading, too. Obba doesn’t carry just sushi, though there’s a ton to choose from, including a real tongue tickler: the yuzu hamachi (yellowtail) roll, packed with fried shallots and and garlicky ponzu (citrus) oil.Obbaalso has crispy, tasty mixed salads with seared tuna, fresh crab and calamari; tartares and teriyaki bowls (choose fried or brown rice, chicken, beef or salmon), all perfect for light eaters.The lobster tempura was phenomenal — the first time I had tried the crustacean served that way, but not the last. And definitely worth the trip: the scallops served with wasabi mayo butter. Oh my stars.Obba, you’re forgiven.* DRINK: Sake is always a good call.* WATCH: The Blair Witch Project, the best — and most chilling — movie about getting lost I’ve ever seen.


Place: Obba Sushi.

Address: 200 SE 15th Rd. (inside the Brickell Harbour Condo), Miami.

Price Range: Appetizers $2.25-$12.99, rice bowls and other entrees $6.90-$14.99, sushi $4.50-$15.99.

Contact:305-856-9016, www.obbasushimiami.com

Hours: 11 a.m.-10 p.m. Monday-Thursday, 11 a.m.-11 p.m. Friday, noon-11 p.m. Saturday, noon-10 p.m. Sunday.

FYI: Happy hour special — a roll with a beer or soft drink for $5.99 — 4-7 p.m. Monday-Friday.ON A ROLL: Obba Sushi‘s worth looking for.November 6, 2009 Section: Tropical Life Edition: Final Page: 29GRule No. 1 when opening a restaurant: Give potential diners clear directions as to where it is.

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